SGC Services

SGC Power provides a full life-cycle set of products that help owners invest, build and operate projects which give great financial returns.  Whether the projects are still conceptual or in full operation, SGC Power services create a clear picture of success.



Clear vision from SGC Power helps owners to determine the viability and long-term strategy for owning an asset which will operate for decades. Services such as land acquisition, co-development efforts, technical design and utility compliance reviews provide long-term owners knowledge prior to capital commitments.



SGC Power services include the full suite of project delivery activities. Engineering, project/construction management, and commissioning services provide owners critical insight into project risks. Crucial to long-term owners, risk management keeps projects on-track and on-budget.


asset management

Once a project is put in service, financial and operational challenges begin. SGC Power provides performance and management services to help owners control expenses while making sure the project delivers the most power output possible. Power generation with assurance of the experts at SGC Power.

During the initial stages of a potential project, SGC Power's staff works with the energy consumer, project originator and potential permanent owners.  The work centers on pulling together the team and expediting the development process.  Our financial partners are all sophisticated investors with solid financials.  They range from individual investors willing to take a little more risk to large institutional / utility investors who have the lowest cost of capital.

A few of the services available from our team include:

  • Land acquisition and easements

  • Project financial analysis

  • Risk identification, analysis and mitigation planning

  • Permitting and regulatory review

  • Bid process management and bidder qualification

  • Utility interconnection regulatory review and strategy development

  • Permanent owner solicitation and relationship management

If you have a great project, we have a great owner.  Contact us.

Throughout the project lifecycle, SGC Power provides highly trained project management experts to ensure on-time, on-budget and on-scope projects.  With more than 50 years of project management experience, SGC Power is able to mitigate risks and issues prior to actual occurrences.  This intangible ability to predict pitfalls manages project construction costs and lowers long term project ownership costs.  Unplanned spending is critical for stakeholders such as the financial partner, project owner and prime contractor.

Project Management

  • Project control and administration

  • Contractor solicitation / bid management

  • Design and construction document review

  • Value engineering and cost optimization

  • Project Plan creation, review and tracking

  • Budget creation, validation and tracking

  • Schedule and milestone tracking

  • Project status reporting

  • Delivery verification and validation


  • Site and solar resource assessment

  • Facility performance model creation and analysis
    (PVsyst, HelioScope, PVWATTS)

  • Product supplier evaluations

  • Permitting review and guidance

  • Safety code compliance

  • Array layout optimization and shading analysis


  • Drawing and Specification Review

  • Critical Path Schedule Management (CPM)

  • Change order review, negotiation and monitoring

  • Payment application review, processing and reporting

  • Daily project updates

  • Progress inspections and verification

  • Quality Control / Quality Assurance (QA/QC) program

  • EHS inspections, monitoring and corrective actions

  • Commissioning plan review, supervision and analysis

  • Project close out


  • Integrated project team management

  • Project record management

  • Standardized project document creation

  • Project reporting and analysis

  • Budget and change order review

  • Project invoicing and contractor payment coordination

  • Contractor meeting minutes and action item tracking

While everyone has a favorite technology, we work with solar, combined cycle (CHP) and fuel cell project stakeholders. 
We love them all equally.  Contact us.

Once your project is complete, SGC Power will help you keep track of your investment. From monitoring to contracts to O&M, we can provide you one single view into your system and how it’s performing. Whether you simply want access to the software or need our team to stay on top of your projects, SGC Power is the partner you can trust. We deliver results for our customers across all phases of the solar life-cycle. We are ready to deliver results for you. 

asset reporting

  • Performance Reporting

  • Administrative Reporting

customer service

  • Onboarding

  • Training

  • Software Support

asset administration

  • PPA Host Management

  • AR Invoicing

  • AP Invoicing

  • Contract Management

  • Document Management

  • Procurement Management

  • Financial Reporting

Asset management

  • Portfolio Management

  • Plant Management (Alerts and O&M)

  • Equipment Management (Warranty)

  • Asset Diagnostics Hours

Our team of experts can be your team of experts. Contact us.