SGC Services

SGC Power provides a full life-cycle set of products that help owners invest, build and operate projects which give great financial returns.  Whether the projects are still conceptual or in full operation, SGC Power services create a clear picture of success.



Clear vision from SGC Power helps owners to determine the viability and long-term strategy for owning an asset which will operate for decades. Services such as land acquisition, co-development efforts, technical design and utility compliance reviews provide long-term owners knowledge prior to capital commitments.



SGC Power services include the full suite of project delivery activities. Engineering, project/construction management, and commissioning services provide owners critical insight into project risks. Crucial to long-term owners, risk management keeps projects on-track and on-budget.


asset management

Once a project is put in service, financial and operational challenges begin. SGC Power provides performance and management services to help owners control expenses while making sure the project delivers the most power output possible. Power generation with assurance of the experts at SGC Power.