A major Pennsylvania University wanted to demonstrate its commitment to green energy to its students. After researching options, the staff decided to install a solar array—but that provided its own set of challenges. With a sprawling campus and unique building architecture, finding space for solar panels was difficult. The University wasn’t clear where to begin.


As the University explored its different solar options, SGC Power stepped in to support its commitment. In cooperation with SGC Power, an empty parcel of University owned land was located. The under-utilized parcel provided the lowest-cost option for onsite solar power generation. SGC Power worked with finance partner WGL Energy Systems to enter into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the University to finance the project. This PPA provided significant long-term energy savings to the University.

  • 3.9 Megawatt (DC) ground-mounted solar array
  • 15 Acres of pasture land
  • 25 year PPA
  • Offsets ~30% of the university’s electricity consumption
  • Produces enough electricity to supply 650 homes annually

Unique Characteristics

  • Owens Farm near Sunbury, PA uses the site from Spring to Fall to graze sheep around the array, providing vegetation management.
  • As of 2018, this project was the largest university-sponsored solar project in Pennsylvania.


  • SGC Power provided project development, engineering design, and construction management.
  • WGL Energy Systems provided the financing for the PPA.
  • Edwin L. Heim Company of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, provided the electrical services.