Benefits of Rooftop Solar Development

Bring sustainable, clean energy to your community with no out-of-pocket expense, while receiving a consistent revenue stream, by leasing your building’s rooftop for a community solar project.

  • No upfront capital investment
  • Long term lease revenue, predictability
  • Cash flow without financial commitment
  • Reach company’s sustainability goals

Your Rooftop Might Be Eligible If:

Think your rooftop fits these requirements? Contact us to work with a project developer to see if your rooftop is viable.

Acres icon Building roof space to be 100,000+ SF
solarpanel icon Rooftops age is less than 10 years old
Buildings icon Flat with limited obstructions
Sun icon Rooftop receives 6+ hours of sun each day

How It Works

  1. After you contact us, we review the proposed project area for viability
  2. We will contact you to discuss any specific design characteristics & project needs
  3. SGC Power will guide the Building Owner through the Lease process
solar panels above parking lot

Give Back to Your Community

  • Help communities reach their long-term sustainability goals
  • Reduced cost of energy
  • Allows people who couldn’t otherwise have access to solar energy to subscribe to it from their local utility provider (where available)
SGC Power Building Owner rooftop


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See If Your Rooftop Qualifies

Fill out the form below to contact us and begin the process to see if your rooftop qualifies for community solar development, or give us a call at (410)  779-9377.

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Frequently Asked Questions


When you decide to lease your building for community solar, the project company that owns the solar array will make the lease payments annually. The project company is owned by a large institutional investor, utility, or other large company with great credit. The structure and value of the payment varies by State.

How long does it take to execute on a project?

The construction of a solar project is not long – it’s the work to develop the idea and present it to the various departments that takes time. Below is the general process for developing a solar project – this can take 6-18 months:

  1. Electricity analysis
  2. Location options
  3. Board / Customer presentations
  4. Utility coordination
  5. Zoning
  6. Permits
  7. Construction
  8. Commercial Operation
Have you completed any rooftop solar projects nearby?

This depends on what state you are in. State policy drives the renewable economy so some states have advanced policy where we have fully developed and delivered projects, while some states are still emerging. Your location could be a state where we have projects developed or it could be an emerging state.

What qualities do you look for in building rooftops used for solar projects?
  • The building should be at least 100,000 SF
  • The rooftop area should be relatively flat with limited obstructions
  • The roof is (or would be) exposed to sunlight for a minimum of 6+ hours a day
  • The age of the roof should be less than 10 years old. If the roof is nearing the time for a replacement, this is the best time to think about incorporating solar.
How does leasing my rooftop for community solar help my community?
  • Helps to create jobs for local residents
  • Allows people in the community to have access to renewable energy who may not have other means to access it
  • Can help reduce the overall cost of energy for the community solar subscribers
  • Customers and employees will see that you are making a commitment to improving the environment and lowering carbon emissions

The solar array can last 40 years with the proper maintenance and care – just like everything in life, preventive maintenance ensures a long lifespan. The panels themselves normally have a warranty of 25 years, though some now offer warranties of 30 years, and this is typically the minimum life expectancy of a solar project.

SGC Power Building Owner rooftop
SGC Power Building Owner rooftop
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